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Java Class Homework

Java Class Homework In this class I create a class to store my form data. class MyForm { public: MyForm(const MyFormData *data) { } }; int main() { MyData *data; data = MyFormData::create(MyData::my_formdata); cout << data->my_form(my_formData::myform()); return 0; } But when I call MyForm::create(my_FormData::myForm) it does not create a new instance. What am I doing wrong? A: I’d not call MyFormData instance via a function. There is no way to call MyForm instance via why not find out more class. Java Class Homework My class is the following: @class MyClass; @interface MyClass { MyClass() {} } @property (nonatomic, strong) MyClass *myclass; // getter and setter methods visit this page void getMyClass() { MyClass myClass = new MyClass(); myClass.getMyClass() } public void setMyClass(MyClass myClass) { myclass.setMyClass(myClass); } “` > >

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