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Singleton Class

Singleton Class Programming Help

Singleton Class Programming Help

It is a class in OOP that have one and only single object which is the instance of the one at a time.

If you instantiate a singleton class once you cannot instantiate it with a new object second time because the new object can directly give the focus to the first instance.

Is you want to access any entity in a singleton class you need to define the type of that class. The singleton class is slightly different with the normal classes because we used class name constructor in normal class but in singleton class we can use the class name methods.

Therefore if we applied modifications to any object in normal class it directly disturbs the objects of the singleton class and also needs to make the constructor in the singleton class as private. It uses the lazy initialization in which you need to initialize the static returns type method in a singleton class. In singleton class there is a getinstance () function which acts as a constructor in singleton class.

Posted on October 29, 2019 in R Programming Assignments

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